Equestrian Groundworks in Basingstoke | Your Arena and Gallop Construction Questions

Aztec Plant Services Ltd, located in Wallingford, is proud to cover the Basingstoke area as a specialist in the field of equestrian groundworks. From indoor arena construction to steel frame buildings, we meet the needs of homeowners, landowners and those running equestrian arenas in Southern Central England. If you need us for gallop construction or the erection of stables and tack rooms, we are here to help.

If you have design ideas for an equestrian arena or a gallop, or if your facilities could further benefit from steel frame buildings, call to arrange a survey and consultation.

Here, we answer your questions on equestrian groundworks, and on indoor arena construction and gallop construction.

Could you explain the concept of equestrian groundworks?

Whether you are a casual rider or a competitor, or if you own facilities in Basingstoke related to equestrian use, our groundworks services are for you. Equestrian groundworks are best described as the use of set clearance, excavation and earthwork practices to set up land for a new surface or maybe a building. This can be for indoor arena construction, for gallop construction or for steel frame buildings.

Of course, you don’t need to have equestrian arenas in mind at all. We also offer an equestrian groundworks service for new drainage systems, outbuildings and fencing construction jobs.

What are the benefits of indoor arena construction?

An outdoor equestrian arena is exposed to the elements. While it is nice to ride in the open during summer, you could miss practice, training sessions or even events if the weather turns on you unexpectedly. Indoor arena construction is the best possible way to provide a dry, safe and ventilated riding space that’s useable in all weathers. We cover everything from the groundworks through to the drainage and roofing work.

These are steel frame buildings too, and they are also suited to projects in Basingstoke where an older indoor arena needs maintenance and repairs after falling into dilapidation.

What is the difference between arena and gallop construction?

Equestrian arenas, either outdoor or indoor arena construction projects, are all self-contained riding areas for schooling, casual riding or competition. Our indoor arenas are all steel frame buildings. Gallop construction is more about providing a surface for riding horses at higher speeds. This is a service we can provide for owners and trainers in the fields of flat and national hunt racing as well as for local showjumpers.

Our experience in the world of equestrian groundworks means we can work with turf, with rubber and with all-weather fibre sand, anywhere in Basingstoke or the surrounding local area.

How can I use your steel frame buildings?

Most people look at steel frame buildings as an opportunity to have a specification for indoor arena construction written up. In truth, you can use our builds for more than just equestrian arenas. If you need extra stable space, somewhere to keep tack or storage for feed, we can design a building that’s suitable for purpose. If you want to double up a gallop construction job with a purpose-built addition, please let us know.

We complete all work in-house so, in addition to the physical build, all needs related to equestrian groundworks in Basingstoke are covered by our friendly and reliable team.

Call 01491 835279 or 07860 844656 for equestrian and indoor arena construction services in Basingstoke.