Equestrian Arena Construction in Banbury | Key Factors to Building Your Dream Surface

As a company undertaking complete services for equestrian arenas and other surfaces, we consider all necessary factors to deliver your dream space. With 120 years of combined experience, our groundwork contractors build surfaces to a wide range of specifications and for all kinds of customers in the Oxford and Banbury areas. Whether you require equestrian arena construction, gallop construction or other equestrian groundworks, we provide durable results that meet your needs. We even build steel frame buildings for indoor arenas and other uses.

When undertaking equestrian services, Aztec Plant Services Ltd offers full planning and construction. The following are some of the key aspects we consider to build your dream surface in Banbury:

Location & Access

To get the most from your arena or gallop, it is vital to consider where it will go. If gallop or equestrian arena construction is part of a wider site or project, you may wish to put it nearer existing facilities for convenience. This is also more favourable with authorities because it prevents sprawling. In addition, if you are constructing an indoor arena, you must consider the impact of steel frame buildings on surrounding structures and views.

It is also worth thinking about soil conditions. Difficult conditions such as rocky or boggy land will need more investment, so an alternative location may be better if one is available. For the best solutions, our groundwork contractors carry out surveys and make recommendations for your site in Banbury.

Furthermore, location has a key impact on access. You want good access to the site for more efficient and cheaper construction and to ease use of the space once complete. Poor access requires smaller delivery vehicles and machinery, resulting in higher haulage costs and longer timeframes.

Base & Drainage

A solid base and suitable drainage are essential aspects of arena and gallop construction. With extensive experience in equestrian groundworks, we advise on the best methods and materials to prevent pooling and soft spots and to ensure maximum performance.

Hard stone such as limestone or granite work best for drainage, along with high-quality membranes. We also install soakaways and other drainage methods in Banbury, in line with Environment Agency rules.

Surfaces & Exposure

Aztec Plant Services Ltd supplies a range of materials for equestrian arena construction and other surfaces. We advise on the best materials for your requirements, supplying everything from woodchip and sand to rubber and fibre.

Our groundwork contractors look at different factors to determine surface materials, such as budget, level and type of use. It is also important to think about location because some materials, such as silica sand, are prone to blowing away.

Consequently, if using silica sand in arena or gallop construction, we advise not placing these facilities in exposed areas. However, if this is unavoidable, planting hedges or trees can create a windbreak. For maximum protection, we also construct steel frame buildings for indoor arenas in Banbury.

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches are key to creating your perfect space. Because we specialise in equestrian groundworks, we provide all kinds of fences, jumps, gates and mirrors to meet your requirements.

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